What format are the pictures?
All roslagsbild.se images are in JPG format. If you want a different format please contact us.

What is PayPal?
Paypal is a world leader in secure payments over the Internet. Paypal is available in over 100 countries and regions, and over 100 000 web sites, and is completely free of charge to the customer. With PayPal, you can easily, quickly and conveniently pay for your purchases directly from your computer. You need buyers who never give out your card number or bank account numbers to anyone other than Paypal. All transactions are performed on a secure server. Pay with Swedish kronor. All major credit cards work.

What is subscription?
At the time of subscription you are entitled to download and use any photos on RoslagsBild for a year. Thereafter, the images are deleted from storage media unless the subscription is renewed.

What is Roslagen?
The word comes from Roslagen "rodzlag". Upland Coast's old rowing by oarsmen and warriors. Roslagen consists of the municipalities of Norrtälje, Östhammar, Österåker and Vaxholm.