Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All our photos are sold as Royalty free for a year. You can use it any number of times during one year.

All images on RoslagBild is the photographer property and are protected under copyright law, ((1960:729) on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works).

At the publication of the image source is always indicated: Tommy A. Pettersson/roslagsbild.se. In case of no byline are charged extra.

Images from RoslagBild may not be resold or transferred to another. When you purchase a royalty-free images it may be used for up to 10 people in the business or organization that bought the picture.

If you work against your customers you are buying the image to your end user who then has the right of use.

All prices exclude 25% VAT. Payment terms are 10 days net.

Customer is responsible for publishing the images.

RoslagBild is not responsible for customer's use of the images that causes some kind of injury or economic loss.

Images may not be used by political parties and movements, religious communities or other interest without RoslagBild´s permission. You may not use RoslagsBild´s images in any kind of offensive context, or otherwise contrary to Swedish law.

You may not use RoslagsBild´s images for purposes that compete with RoslagsBild.

RoslagsBild can not be held responsible for errors arising from failure of the customer's hardware / software.

RoslagsBild reserves the right to modify the contents of this User Agreement without notice.